Why should I choose you?

I’ve always been a very visual person, and over the years I’ve developed a discerning eye for timeless, beautiful photography. The perfectionist in me expects nothing less. I love connecting with people and figuring out how to capture their personality in a photograph. My photo shoots are always low stress, so clients are able to be themselves.

When are you available?

I am happy to work around your schedule to find a time for a photo shoot.

Where is your studio located?


How many photos will I get?

My general rule is quality over quantity. Taking one timeless photo is much better than taking 50 photos you’ll post online and never look at again. The final number of photos will vary, but my goal is that you get everything you want out of the photo shoot.

Will I have to pay for proofs?

Instead of having you go through hundreds of proofs and deciding which ones you can afford, I will narrow the photos down to only the shots that meet my high standards. You will then get the edited photos as a part of your photo package. This is meant to save you both time and money—however, it does require that you trust my experience and judgment.

How will I receive my edited photos?

Each photo package includes full-resolution digital copies of your photographs. Once I am done editing them, I will send you a link where you can view and download your photos. 

How long before I receive my photos?

In general, it will take about two weeks to edit the photos. The length of time varies based on how many great photographs were taken. If it takes a long time for you to get your photos back, you should take it as a good sign. If you need them by a specific date, I can certainly accommodate.

Will my pictures end up online?

Beautiful photos are meant to be shared, but if you would prefer me not to post certain photos online, please just let me know and I will be happy to oblige.

Do you charge for prints?

Because I will give you the photos digitally, you are welcome to get the photos printed from anywhere you choose. I think it’s unfair to up-charge for something that you can easily get printed yourself.

How do I pay for my photo shoot?

The easiest way is with Venmo but cash or check on the day of the shoot also works. Full payment is required before I will send you the digital copies of your photos.

What's my name?

Gary? Greg? George?

I will probably forget your name, especially during the shoot. My brain is so visual that names really don't stick. Don't take it personally. I've honestly forgotten my best friend's name before. 

Can you retouch my photos?

I am skilled at capturing a subject’s essential character. It is this character that makes a photograph compelling and priceless. Retouching photos almost always runs the risk of draining all the character out of a photo, which I have no desire to do. For example, have a look at Dorothea Lang’s “Migrant Mother” photograph: the original and a version with some generic retouching. It’s no contest. The mother’s face in the first one contains her essence; the second is a pale imitation; too clean, too polished.

All that said, if there are distracting elements in a photo that couldn’t be avoided (stray hairs, sweaty brows, acne, or bags under the eyes), I will always remove those distractions in my digital darkroom.

How long is a standard photo shoot?

Usually one to two hours. Most people are ready for a nap after three.

How far are you willing to travel?

I’m happy to travel anywhere within Manhattan. For locations a bit farther away, the additional cost of time and travel will be added to your invoice.

Why is your email so gosh darn long?

I know, right? I mean, just look at it! 


Do you do boudoir photography?

There is a fine line between classy and trashy. As a general rule of thumb, if you could imagine the photo being in a high-end magazine, then yes, that is a photo I would take. But if you are looking for photos that you’d never want your mom to see, then I’m sorry; you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Will my photos be color or black & white?

Some photos look better in black and white than in color. I will choose the appropriate finish for each photo, but most will be in color. If you do have a preference for one or the other, just let me know.

Will you take a photo of us like this?

Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 9.20.29 PM.jpg


Just like in fashion, photography goes through trends. Pictures taken in front of brick walls is just one of the many current trends. (Don’t get me started on lens flares!) Unless you built that wall together, there’s no reason for you to be standing in front of it. I don’t want your photos to look like anybody else’s; I avoid trends and stick to timeless looks. 

In the case of engagement photos, I consider these to be your first family heirlooms and I want your family to be able to cherish them forever. When people look at your photos, I want them to think, “I want to be in love like that,” not, “I want a photo like that.”